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The Odalys Group

Our CSR strategy

The Odalys Group

Our CSR strategy

Odalys teams are committed on a daily basis to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach based on 3 main pillars : preserving the environment while operating our business, promoting solidarity within the society as well as encouraging responsible employment and governance.

The Odalys Group CSR Strategy

Preserving the environment while operating out our businesses

Reducing our energy footprint

Installation of equipment limiting energy consumption

Installation of renewable energy sources

Temperature limitation measures put into place

Measures put in place to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport

Raise client awareness concerning responsible consumption habits

Digital sobriety policy

Selection process choosing suppliers aware of environmental impact

Reducing and recycling waste

Making recycling systematic (recycling bins onsite, eco-labelled products used…)

Progressive elimination of all plastic containers (refillable containers, reusable cups…)

Implementation of measures to recycle building waste

Measures to encourage repairs and re-use to limit waste and consumption

Preserving biodiversity

• Replanting endemic vegetation in outdoor areas
• Staff training on the risk of and prevention of environmental pollution
• Protection of endangered pollinators
• Implementation of partnerships with businesses involved in reforestation

The Odalys Group CSR Strategy

Promoting solidarity within the society

Favouring access to holidays for everyone

Supporting families in precarious situations helping to give them access to holidays (eg.: Association Je Pars, Tu Pars, Il Part)

Holidays free of charge for children via the Fondation Action Enfance which houses, protects and accompanies brothers and sisters in danger from early childhood to adulthood.

Protecting women victims of violence

Provision of free accommodation for women victims of domestic violence and their children in coordination with the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes on a national level.

Contributing to solidary consumption

Participating in solidary collection throughout the year (food, toys…)

The Odalys Group CSR Strategy

Encouraging responsible employment and governance

Supporting equal opportunities

Measuring performance concerning gender equality in the workplace.

Supporting associations working towards professional integration and study aid carried out by students in our residences in partnership with the AFEV.

Committing to disability

Implementation of a plan of action favouring employment of people with disabilities based on 4 main orientations :
• Recruitment
• Integration and training
• Long term employment
• Collaboration with the adapted and protected sector
Participation in the « Duo Days » initiative to promote the introduction to the professional environment

Supporting the work/personal life balance

Application of a teleworking charter up to 3 days per week.

Reorganisation of the Aix en Provence and Lyon offices into flex office set-up.

Raising staff awareness about the right to disconnect.

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